How do you clean my carpets?

We have several different methods of cleaning your carpets. These range from low moisture (dry cleaning) to Hot Water Extraction (sometimes known as steam cleaning) method which we think produces the best results.

We start by examining the carpet to identify the depth of soiling, the effectiveness of fixings and any stains or other issues. Where necessary we will take a small sample of the carpet to test and help us to identify the type of fibre used in the carpet and also perform a dye stability test. This is to ensure that the dyes will not run during the cleaning/stain removal process.

We vacuum the carpet to remove any surface soiling (dirt and dust). We then treat any stains to help remove these before cleaning the rest of the carpet.

We then select an appropriate pre spray and apply this your carpet. This helps to break down the dust and dirt that is attached to the fibres in the carpet. We agitate the pre spray into the carpet to help the solution work. This provides a much cleaner finish to your carpet. We then leave the pre spray solution to work (dwell time). The amount of time varies on the pre spray used and the amount of soiling on the carpet.

Our high pressure hot water extractor is then used to clean the carpets. This sprays hot water containing a rinse agent into your carpet to lift the dirt out and neutralise the pre spray. The powerful vacuum motors then removes this taking any soiling, pre spray solution and stains from your carpet.

Finally we realign the carpet pile, this makes the carpet look better and allows efficient drying of the fibres.

Is it true that cleaned carpets get dirty quicker?

Many years ago the most common way to clean carpets was by using a shampoo. If any of this was left in the carpets by not being completely rinsed out then it would dry sticky and quickly attract dirt and dust to it. This should not happen when you use a professional carpet cleaner using modern equipment and cleaning products. 

Do I need to empty the room?

We will move and replace your furniture as we clean your carpet. We do ask that you remove any small, fragile or breakable items out of the room before we arrive.

Do you need to do a survey before you come?

We offer all our customers a free no obligation site visit and quotation, however if you prefer a quote over the phone or by email then please provide us with the measurements of the area and any stains that you wish us to try and remove.  

Will all the stains come out?

We will always do our best to remove any stain from your carpet. Some stains may need more specialist treatment to remove them which we will discuss with you. In some circumstances it may be impossible to remove a stain from the carpet. There are many different factors that can have an impact on the effectiveness of the stain removal. Some of the are the type of stain, the age of the stain and if you have used any cleaning chemicals.

How long does the cleaning process typically take?

The amount of time that the carpet cleaning takes, will vary from customer to customer. It depends on how much furniture there is to move and the level of soiling and staining of the carpet.

How long will my carpet/suite take to dry?

Most carpets and suites will be touch dry within 2 to 4 hours. There are so many different factors which affect the speed at which materials dry that we can not give a complete drying time. However, all fabrics/materials should be completely dry within 24 hours and normally a substantial amount quicker than this.

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