How do you clean my oven?

When our technician arrives they will check the operation of your oven. If they identify any faults they will advise you of these. They will then put down a waterproof sheet and some absorbent pads to help protect your flooring. They will then take out any shelves and racks to be cleaned in the dip tank in their van. They will where possible take out the fan cover and fan to be cleaned as there is often a build of grease in these areas. They then heat the oven to 70-80C to soften any carbon deposits. This helps with the cleaning process. They will then use non caustic chemicals to clean your oven. They will then clean the racks and shelves and replace all the parts back in your oven. They will then test your oven to make sure it is in full working order.

Do you carry spare parts?

Our technicians carry a selection of parts, these include oven and extractor bulbs, extractor filters and some seals.

Do you clean inside the glass doors?

Where possible our technicians will separate the door and clean the glass, both inside and outside. It is not all ways possible to separate some side hung doors.

Can you clean self cleaning ovens?

Yes we can as the products that we use will not effect the coating.

How soon can I use the oven?

Because we only use environmentally friendly products you can use your oven immediately.

Do you clean other items?

We clean ovens, hobs, extractors, ranges, cookers, microwaves and barbecues.

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